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Burrick NV is a third generation metalconstruction company.


Back in 1946 the company was founded as a one-man business by Jozef Burrick. In those days Burrick mainly took care of technical maintenance in the flowersector.


In 1986 the company became a PLC, managed by the brothers Rogiers and Ms. Neyt. A new chapter was started in the history of the company.


At this present day Burrick NV consists of more than 20 employees with various tasks and talents.


Since the start of 2015 Burrick NV has tightened its colaboration with Van Damme bvba. Now more than ever both campanies can rely on each other in the design and production of machineparts. This partnership expands our productionrange resulting in shorter delivery times.

Our clients are found both in Belgium and abroad, the greater part is situated in the Automotive Industries. Burrick NV has years of experience servicing this unique sector with it's high demands and tight deadlines.

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